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The motorized Voltstair helps distributors make it the last mile while transporting large, heavy items upstairs in the safest way possible, while also decreasing risk of damaged property. 

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Keep Employees Safer

If done incorrectly or over a long period of time, moving large heavy objects can be damaging to the physical health of staff. Back injuries are one of the most common and incapacitating injury types for last mile distributors. Make sure your employees remain safe and healthy by protecting their backs on a daily basis.

Decreasing Risk The Last Mile

Protect your goods for the last mile! Our goal is to remove the strain and stress of delivering large and unwieldy objects. Along with providing a safer way to transport goods, the Voltstair also reduces the risk of damage to stairs in the warehouse and at delivery destinations. The Voltstair’s tracks are specifically designed to eliminate the risk of damaging stairs, and function on wood, cement, stone, and tile without leaving a trace. With the Voltstair, delivery personnel are under less pressure and do not have to choose between working efficiently and working carefully.

Increased Bandwidth

Deliveries that require a lot of manpower can get expensive - don’t tie up the whole team when one staff member can get the job done. The Voltstair is an investment that will pay for itself in as little as one month by increasing efficiency, as last mile delivery teams are able to complete deliveries more quickly, and accomplish more in a given day with its help.

"The Voltstair has helped me maintain independence by giving me the ability to move much heavier objects on my own." 

"Our team has increased the number of daily deliveries by giving us the ability to transport beverages upstairs - quickly and safely.

Robert Martinez - Brooklyn, NY
DEC Distributing