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The motorized Voltstair helps construction companies keep their projects on schedule by easily transporting heavy materials and components in the safest way possible, while decreasing the risk of injury and increasing efficiency.

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Increased Bandwidth

Don’t tie up a whole crew when one laborer can get the job done. The Voltstair is an investment that will pay for itself in as little as one month by increasing efficiency, as crews are able to accomplish more, faster, with its help.

Decreasing Risk of Damaged Property

The Voltstair helps reduce the risk of property damage by removing the strain and stress of moving large and unwieldy objects. The Voltstair’s tracks are specifically designed to eliminate the risk of damaging stairs, and can function on wood, cement, stone, and tile without leaving a trace. With the Voltstair, movers are under

Keep Employees Safer

If done incorrectly or over a long period of time, moving large heavy objects can be damaging to the physical health of crewmembers. Back injuries are one of the most common and incapacitating injury types in the construction industry. Make sure your employees remain safe and healthy by protecting their backs on a daily basis.

"The Voltstair has helped me maintain independence by giving me the ability to move much heavier objects on my own." 

"With the Voltstair, our efficiency is up by 25%, and
our employees couldn't be happier." 

Dave Ruger - New York, New York
Construction Company